Tools Of The Trade

No matter what stage of the conversion process you are in, having and knowing the right tools will help your build go seamlessly!

Our goal is to provide you with the most sustainable, eco-friendly, reliable products and brands so you can live your best life on the road.

**Many of these links are affiliate links, which means I may get a commission if you purchase. However, none of the fees of these resources have been increased to compensate me. In fact, many of the creators of these tools have given me special discounts that I get to extend to you!

The products you need for every conversion:

Pioneer Mini Split

The ductless mini split air conditioner and heat pump system. This system is perfectly compact for almost any rig size conversion! It's high cooling capacity to keeps you sweat-free on hot summers days while being able to switch to heat with the push of a button, to keep you cozy on a cold winter night.

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Reverse with ease with this wireless backup camera system.


Find power anywhere. The Jackery Explorer series is a portable power station that provides you with electricity no matter where life takes you.


Discover your home away from home! The Dyrt Pro App shows you campgrounds and public land across the entire USA to help you plan the perfect trip.

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SMY Lighting 

LED lights that bring life and personality to your rig. Designed for your kitchen and for your roof top deck, you will never have a dark night. 


Enjoy hot water, save money, and conserve the environment.

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