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Navigation Nowhere was started in 2016, by Michael Fuehrer, who, one day, had the idea of buying an old school bus and traveling throughout North America. Today, Navigation Nowhere has become a community of people who are passionate about living life differently from the norm. It encapsulates those who live on the road full-time, to weekend explorers, to those who are saving every paycheck to buy their dream rig.

Navigation Nowhere is a social media network focused on connecting people and providing practical information to the community. Our step-by-step guides and video blogs range from 'how to build' to 'where to park safely for the night.' If you have ever thought about living tiny, nomadically, or sustainably Navigation Nowhere is the place for you.

Who am I

Michael Fuehrer


Hi! I’m Michael, the founder of Navigation Nowhere. I am a traveler, builder, researcher, and explorer. I was born and raised in New Jersey and graduated from college with a Bachelors' (2013) and Masters in Cultural Anthropology (2015). I loved college, but felt something was missing. With an unfinished thesis and five weeks before my thesis defense and graduation, I was riddled with stress, unanswered questions, and clarity for the future. So, I took my parents' sedan, a friend, and headed west. This gave me the energy I needed to finish my thesis, but left me yearning for a life that would provide the constant community, wonder, and adventure I found on the road. 

My passion for creating community, building a simpler, more meaningful life, and exploring the world birthed my first conversion, NAVI. Since then, I have traveled extensively throughout North America. I have learned that I do not want to confine myself to one job or place. I want to navigate nowhere. The more I learn and explore new people, places, and projects, I find more freedom in navigating my life. Being "nowhere" allows me to be more present, or "now-here", for the people and projects that were around me. Life is about engaging with others and enjoying the moments you have with them.

"It's not about the number of miles you drive but, the people every mile along the way. If you think the point is to be on top of the ivory tower. You will be sadly mistaken to find, the point was to build it together." - Michael Fuehrer

Who am I



Hi! I'm Navi. I was built in 2015. I have traveled to all of Continental USA, most of Canada, and Alaska. I've had almost 1 million people tour me over the years and I was the shared home to 15 people. After 3.5 years of hard work touring the world, being a home, and creating community, I needed to take a break from the road life.... and suddenly... Ivan was born!

Who am I



Hi! I'm Ivan. I am the most recent build project! I was inspired after Navi. Currently, I am still being built out and designed for the most adventurous life. Pretty soon, I will be finished and ready to follow in Navi's tire tracks, traveling North America, meeting new friends, and spending time with old ones. I am excited for the upcoming adventure I will soon embark on.