Discover The Tools and Appliances That You Need For Every Build!

Are you ready to start or in the process of you conversion? Do you feel stuck in the blocks for your bus build? Get the tools you need to help your build go smoothly and efficiently. 

Our free Tool Guide provides you with a list of 5 tools for each phase of a build that will help make the build process more enjoyable and smooth. You also will receive a list of mechanical and safety tools in case of emergencies AND a list of appliances that could help increase your quality of life while on the road.

Building is not always the most glamorous task; dust, oil, grease, gets messy. While there is not much you can do to prevent that, there are tools that you can use that will make your build experience more enjoyable and smooth. This guide will provide you with tools during each phase that could decrease some frustration, time, and give you a clean, high quality conversion. Plus, provides appliances to ensure your comfort and safety while traveling. 

What you can expect to get: 

  • A list of tools to help you build more efficiently broken down in different build phases [demolition, carpentry, electrical, plumbing and exterior].
  • A list of mechanical and safety tools that will help you in emergencies. 
  • A list of appliances that will help increase your quality of life while living on the road. 
  • A short description of each tool and appliance, its use, and how it benefits you. 
  • One step closer to getting on the road!

If you want more bus life essentials to stay safe and ensure your bus stays well maintained, check out our blog here!

Now that you have our Tool Guide...Consider THIS!

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