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Are you over the 9-5? Do you wish you could pack your bags and experience life in a new way? Then bus life might be the way to do it!

Our 70 page guide will walk you through the first steps of choosing and buying the best bus for your new life!

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The Buslife Guide: Overview

Everything you need to know to choose and buy a bus.

Section 1: The Introduction

In this section we discuss:

  • Why I chose the Buslife.
  • How anyone can integrate the Buslife into their current life.
  • The importance of mapping out your desired lifestyle before buying a bus.

Section 2: The Bus Structure

In this section we discuss:

  • The process of how school buses are manufactured.
  • How to determine who to call to get different parts for your bus. 
  • How to use your VIN number to make part replacement with ease.

Section 3: Types of Buses

In this section we discuss:

  • The differences between metal and fiberglass buses.
  • The 4 different types of buses you will come across on the market.
  • The advantages and disadvantages between the different types of buses.
  • How the size of your bus affects your desired lifestyle.

Section 4: The Bus Body

In this section we discuss:

  • How the interior and exterior height will affect your livability and locations you can travel.
  • The importance of choosing a bus with the correct roof curves.
  • How windows affect your buses insulation R-value, how to combat the poor insulation value, and how bus windows differ from residential windows.
  • The type of emergency doors and exits you will find in every bus and the how to incorporate them into you floorplan.
  • Discover that not every bus has wheel wells and how they will affect your design.

Section 5: Bus Variation Options

In this section we will discuss:

  • The difference between air and hydraulic brakes.
  • The advantages and disadvantages to the different fuel types.
  • Know what built-in features are necessary for your ideal design.
  • The different types of engines and drivetrain options you will come across.

Section 6: Where to Purchase

  In this section we discuss:

  • Sources you can use to help you find your perfect bus. 
  • A generalized price point for most buses.
  • The importance of looking at and comparing several buses before you buy. 

Section 7: Looking to Buy

In this section we discuss:

  • How the region a bus was in service affects what variations you will find.
  • Where to look for rust and the different types of rust you may experience. 
  • How to determine if a bus has good tires.
  • What factors make a bus a good bus, and when you should walk away from a bus

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