The Navigationnowhere Bus Tour!

Welcome to my home!! Navi was bought when she was still a fully-functional, yellow school bus in May 2016. It took me 9 months to renovate. Currently,  Navi and I are exploring North America. If you want to see the built or what supplies I used check out my Bus Renovation or Building Supplies page. Hope you enjoy the photo tour!

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Navi is a 2004 Thomas Freightliner. The bus was bought online for $3,600 and is 35 feet long. The exterior is outfitted with a cooking area, storage boxes, flood lights, roof top deck and rear access garage.


The underside of the bus has 130 gallons of fresh water, 100 gallon gray water tanks, 100 gallon diesel tank, 29.3-Gallon Propane tank and 7 feet of under storage boxes.


The roof top was designed to have 3 skylights, a Solar System, Air Conditioner and my personal favorite… a 8×10 roof top deck!!

The exterior table on the side of the bus is a wonderful feature. I  grow to love it everyday. The table was custom build for the bus.

Living on a school bus doesn’t mean I cant have a garage for all my tools. The garage is 7 x 2.5 ft. and is just enough room to hold all my tools for road side maintenance and some extra outdoors gear. The rear of the bus also has a Backup Camera, rear Exterior Flood Lights and Master Lockc for security.


The interior of the bus is about 140 sq. ft. It can sleep up to 6 comfortable, has a full 6 foot kitchen table, full oven, 10.4 cubic fridge, bathroom with shower and Composting Toilet , pantry and closet.

The kitchen sink is a full size residential sink with a extendable faucet. I love the counter tops which I hand build from reclaimed maple.

The bathroom is a wet bath. Some people ask me if I like my toilet being in the shower. I always say, “well its sure easy to clean.” I love the Hand-Held Shower Set and the Composting Toilet; the perfect bathroom combo.

All the couches on the bus fold out into beds. The ability to have space for guests was really important to me.

My dad and I designed this custom table for the bus. It seats 8 and is stored underneath the couch on the left.

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